Sunday, March 9, 2008

A Plethora of Politics

With all the chaos, hypocrisy and general madness that can surround the American political process, I think we all can sometimes use a break. We need to make ourselves step back to see the bigger picture. While (I believe) our political process is flawed in many ways, our leaders are not regularly assassinated and we have a relatively very stable government, and we are an established cohesive country comprised of a population with certain rights (though, yes were are seeing some slip away). When I read what is going on in politics in other countries, I feel quite thankful for what we have.

Recently, many people around the world participated in International Women’s Day . Groups of people, mostly women it seems, protested for more rights for women. Rights like owning property, participation in the legal process and safety from domestic violence. I certainly appreciate that women here already have those rights. I think this is worth noting as this is the first year in US history there has been a female candidate for president with such a good shot of gaining the presidency.

And we can all be thankful that we can expect safety at the polls.

A comment on the Superdelegates: Does your vote really matter? Post below: I wonder how many of the people in this country know that we are not a Democracy. With all the talk of supporting Democracy around the world by many of the Western World’s politicians I have to think of how this country would be if we were one. Personally, I appreciate our intricate system of checks and balances – including those in the election process.

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