Sunday, March 2, 2008

Satellites Offer Green Alternative

I believe that this article provides a great insight into a possible future technology. Solar Powered Satellites have been researched as possible solutions, but the idea has been ridden off because of the cost of getting the materials out to space.

The idea involves launching satellites out into space that have large solar collectors on them, and then beaming the energy back to Earth in the form of microwaves. These microwaves are collected in a very large satellite dish located back on the ground, and the waves are converted to electricity for general use. The United Kingdom has taken a large step in even considering implementing this technology for communications use, but one day maybe we will be able to take advantage of this technology on a grander scale.

Solar Powered Satellites can be the future because you eliminate the diurnal nature of the sun. Worried about cloudy days or even very large weather systems that block sunlight? Well, not anymore, because these microwaves slice right through it all down to the power plant. The energy payback could be even better than PV cells.

One of the problems with this technology would be the massive satellites and even more massive dishes, but with more research and funding for this technology, we can surely create a viable alternative or supplant to our immense fossil fuel usage.

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