Saturday, March 8, 2008

So, who really won Texas?

Well, perhaps it depends on how you define win. Is it the person who won the primary or the person who won the most delegates? Since the complete caucus results were not available on March 4th, nor the next day, Clinton was declared the winner of Texas by multiple media news stations. However, now that the approximate 1 million caucus votes are closer to being completely counted, Obama is estimated to come out ahead of Clinton by three delegates (according to the state Democratic Party). The final result will not be known until June, after the state convention.

Currently, Obama outnumbers Clinton’s pledged delegates by 140, and Clinton outnumbers Obama’s superdelegates by 35. Obama has a total of 1567 delegates and Clinton has 1462. Either candidate needs at least 2025 total delegates in order to earn the Democratic Party’s nomination. I just hope that the battle in the Democratic Party ends before it destroys its own candidates.

Please not that these numbers are accurate as of March 6, 2008 and do not include the Wyoming results from this Saturday.

Also, after experiencing my first caucus and primary, I cannot wait until online voting is the new standard. Enter voter ID number and select or type your candidate. So simple so convenient. Instant results. Can’t beat that.

Robert Siegel & Wade Goodwyn. “Obama Ahead in Texas Caucuses,” March 6, 2008.

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Bonnie Beavers said...

Your blog title really caught my attention. I have been wondering the same thing over the past 5 days. Who really won Texas...and WHEN will I find out???

I found it frustrating that by the time I got home from the caucus on Tuesday evening, the news was already saying that Clinton won Texas. I had just seen hundreds of people voting in the caucus, whose votes will account for 1/3 of the delegates in our states, and they were already declaring the state "won" by Clinton.

I have been looking online a lot to check the status of the caucus results and the results haven't changed since Thursday. 41% reporting, with Obama having 56% of the vote and Clinton 44%.

I am also curious about Obama's significant lead in the caucuses so far. Yet for some reason he didn't win in the primaries. I have heard from a number of different sources that there were many Republicans in Texas who went out and voted for Clinton because they thought she was the weaker candidate. This is sad and it is very disappointing. I hate to think that people would sabotage our countries future leadership this way just because they want their candidate to win. The presidential election should be between the two best candidates and voting for someone who you think would be "easier" for your party's nominee to defeat is undermining the concept of our current system. I was very upset to learn that people would actually do this. I guess we'll see who the true winner of Texas is, when the caucus reseult do come in. Until then, I am just trying not to spend too much of my time checking back over and over on for any update on the caucus results.

It was a busy week, and I reminded myself over and over not to forget to blog tonight, but here I am posting 29 minutes late. I understand if I don't receive credit for this week, but I did want to go ahead and have an input on the weeks topic.

Thank you,