Saturday, March 8, 2008

Environment an issue? WOOOHOOO!!!

When I was thinking about my blog post for this week, I assumed I'd be able to find a ton of articles talking about energy, climate change, and the primaries. These were actually big issues for the presidential candidate contenders for a while, remember? Back before news about the economy turned sour and took center stage. Regardless of how big an issue the environment is now for the potential presidential candidates, it was in issue, which I think is great! (hence the title of my post).

As I was searching for an article on the topic of energy and the primaries, I found the one linked to this post on NPR's website. The article notes that "Historically, environmental issues have taken a back seat in national elections. But that appears to be changing." I think this is an important change, it seems that both the right and the left of the political spectrum have finally agreed on the fact that global warming is a real threat to the world and that our energy policy needs a major overhaul. Though this issue has taken the backseat as the economy has moved to center stage, the fact that our nation will take action on global warming and the imminent energy crisis is certain, and I welcome this change.

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