Sunday, March 9, 2008

Time to Recharge

As a government major, I never thought I’d be this annoyed by the primaries.*

Perhaps it’s because the primaries haven’t been this contentious in quite some time. Or maybe I’m just not used to Democrats targeting Texans. Whatever it is, I feel we’ve had a lot shoved down our throats these past couple of weeks, and I need a break. I’m exhausted and I’m sure the candidates are running out of energy themselves. In a short piece, Mo Rocco suggests Obama and Clinton take a tip from college students and enjoy a little spring break.

In regard to energy, there’s not doubt Obama and Clinton will promote investments in alternative energy research and education; who we really need to keep an eye on are the lobbyists and the groups they represent.

On a separate note, my brother’s friend from Norway is staying with us for the week. He’s currently studying petroleum engineering and economics, so we started discussing energy. Interestingly enough, most of his professors are very skeptical about global warming, and many of his classmates, while not as skeptical about global warming’s occurrence, play down the human role and impact. More from our Norwegian friend as the week goes on…

*Alright, I hate to sound too critical; I really do appreciate the enthusiasm and involvement generated by this election. I'm coming to appreciate it more and more as I realize that while most Americans view election day as an exciting and thrilling time, many elsewhere in the world face a different reality, feeling nervous and anxious as election day approaches (a few recent examples: Kenya and Armenia).

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