Saturday, March 8, 2008

wishy washy

It seems to be close between Barack and Hillary. I guess Democrats like to keep options out on the table for longer. The Republican side responded pretty clearly in favor of McCain though.

I’m not too sure about these caucuses. It seems that fraud is everywhere. Apparently many democrats want to do the caucuses again with a more ordered primary. This article states that the primaries in Florida and Michigan were in violation of party rules. Many voters want their votes recounted and Howard Dean is amicable, but the most pressing thing that might hold this redo from happening is, of course, money.

Barack and Clinton are very close right now and their battle is just beginning. I think we’re about to see some bloody noses. I am curious as to how much better Clinton would be doing if she didn’t have so many rumors flying about illegal campaign contributions. Try googling her and illegal contributions some time…

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