Thursday, April 24, 2008

Another Plant for California's Growing Energy Needs

With the growing demand for electricity in California, there have been several initiatives to relieve this demand, one of which is a 660 MW power plant built in Colusa County. PG & E corporation was given approval yesterday by the California Energy Commission to build this natural gas power plant. This power plant will practice all the new techniques to decrease emissions like dry cooling and less water consumption, actually decrease CO2 emissions by 35% as compared to older power plants. The site will begin to be constructed next spring and is expected to start producing power by summer of 2010. The plant will adhere to all of California's strict energy policies present and future, and will also create many jobs for construction, 650 during peak construction, and not as many for maintaining the plant, with 25 employees.

This plant is a just one of the many which have begun to sprout due to the US's growing energy demand. There will be more in the future unless the US becomes more efficient with its energy uses and/or the US begins to conserve more.

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