Sunday, April 20, 2008

Modernization versus the Environment

One of the most important barriers toward using renewable energy is the high prices they have. As the price of oil rises renewable sources become more economically attractive. Still many sources such as coal stay cheap and abundant. The best scenario can be that the high price of oil pushes the market to using renewable energies. This would achieve the goal of protecting the environment only in the United States. It is important to understand that being environmentally friendly in the US is a huge step though it won’t do us any good if this is not a global effort. China and India have emerging economies that are industrializing very fast and in this process of industrialization, they are using the cheapest energy sources possible. Here the choice comes to growth and modernization versus clean air and clearly growth and better life wins it. I believe that it is the responsibility of industrial nations such as United States to aid countries such as China and India to achieve environmentally friendly means of modernization. By providing them technological and financial resources, we can help them to grow their economy at the same time as protecting the environment all of us live in.

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