Sunday, April 20, 2008

Pickens Says Wind is In

T Boone Pickens is beginning construction of a massive wind installation in Texas which is projected to generate 4MW of electricity. While there are moral incentives to going wind which Pickens appreciates, he emphasizes that he expects to make at least a 25% return on his investment.

I think this is a great indicator of how much progress wind has made in the last several years. It seems not too long ago that an appreciable wind energy source was balked at, but 4MW is truly an appreciable amount of energy. This article also made me think of something Rep. Mark Strama said in class about how the best way to promote renewable energy is to work with the powerful energy companies for support- Pickens is an old school oilman who is seeing the viability of wind. I think the best way to promote change is to support investors such as Pickens who have the deep pockets to help make a difference.

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