Sunday, April 20, 2008

In regards to PVC, PC, and Recycling...

In response to Charlotte, I'm confused by your understanding of "reusable" plastics, recyclable and reusable are different. Not all recyclable plastics are unsafe, try a #2 HDPE Nalgene. Furthermore, even fewer contain BPA - not even all Polycarbonate plastic does. Finally, plastics marked as number 7 include mostly Polycarbonate, but also includes all 'other' plastics and is almost never accepted for recycling.

I suppose you are coming from the following references' viewpoint:

But are writing about this scientific american article:

While I definitely support consumers being more aware of what the side effects of their products are, it irks me to see vast generalizations used to compensate for ignorance. Consumers should be able to determine EXACTLY which items are harmful and which are not. They should also be aware of the potential side effects and how they are avoided. One example of BPA or PVC is an opportunity to finely discriminate, rather than generalize conclusions or stereotype practices.

First, in regards to the PVC article, recycling and reuse can be an excellent way of keeping track of and avoiding the release of toxic materials until a safe disposal method is found. OR as in Cradle to Cradle, they could exist in a Technosphere of eternally reused toxics. It is necessary to note this point and emphasize the specifics of what is being recycled and how it is being recycled.

In regards to BPA, I was raised by hippies who said that germs are fine and everything is going to kill you, just pick your poison. I also believe that plastics are a promising material, with opportunities for infinite recycling and exciting organic and bio-plastics.

Recycled Plastics [1] [2]

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