Sunday, April 27, 2008

Nuclear Energy Growth

Even though I believe that there is no one way in solving the energy problem, I see a very great contribution of nuclear energy toward US overall energy use. The main drawback in using nuclear energy as a source of energy is the public perception of this source of energy. At the same time, it offers many advantages. Today, with all the great effort in reduction of CO2, nuclear energy becomes very attractive since it emits no CO2. It is also not dependent on resources from countries who hate us. It can be very reliable in feeding the baseline electricity demand while sources such as wind and solar don’t give the same stability in production. Today, with very high oil prices, electricity generation from nuclear resources hits the record high. According to EIA the total national nuclear electricity generation in 2007 was 2.4 percent higher than in 2006. Today, with even higher energy costs I am expecting even greater use of nuclear energy this year and in coming years. For more information and accessing exact number on nuclear energy generation visit :

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