Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Elementary Environmental Education Resources

Before beginning my topic for this research paper, I thought there wasn't much out there when it came to resources for teaching environmental issues to children. Now that I have finished my research, I realize I was wrong.
There are curricula for basic environmental education, water resource and management education and solar energy education to name a few. There are also grants, called GreenWorks! grants to fund environmentally focused projects for school age children.
Also, magazines and websites are hopping on the green trend too. I think they have finally realized that if the adult population is interested in environmental issues, their kids are going to want to know what is going on as well. National Geographic for Kids has interactive recycling games, and green tips from funny characters. Highlights for Children, that magazine I loved as a child, includes a lot of articles about saving energy and doing your part for the environment.
I am really glad I did research on this topic because it gives me a lot of hope for our future. I know that they will be able to be the generation that takes action on our environmental issues.

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