Sunday, April 20, 2008

Should Americans switch to smaller vehicles

With the incredibly steep increase in gas prices in the recent months, I believe it is time for many Americans to second guess their transportation. There are several commuters that drive trucks or SUVs and have no real use for all the extra space that comes with their vehicle. These "air haulers" or people that drive trucks but never put items in their bed are simply wasting gas for the simple fact that they like the way a trucks look or they think that cars are too "girly". I know that there are many people out there that need trucks for construction or hauling lots of items but there are still many drivers out there that never use their trucks full potential.
There are several options now a days, which I myself will definitely consider, when looking for a vehicle that will push the envelope on miles per gallon. A list can seen in the figure, of the top cars out on the market today that have the highest mpgs. Not only will these cars help the pocketbook but they will help the energy crisis going on and help the global warming problem. The only problem is that many Americans will have to change their minds on the way they look are little cars, because they will the mode of transportation in the future.

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