Sunday, April 20, 2008

Electricty Bill Angst

A fellow student asked me before a class recently what my electricity bill was. I told him I thought mine was high, and around $60-70 lately. He then told me that his was in the $40 range this month, and he thought it was high. So why is my electricity bill that much higher?? We have similar apartment sizes. I am on the bottom floor, so that should help me, but I'm an end apartment, so that hurts me. My fiance' in Houston's house is 4x the size of my apartment, but his electricity bill is less than mine as well. However, he has a "new" energy star home, and I'm pretty sure my apartment is "old." Granted, Houston has a different energy supplier, but not that different! I have one of those Austin Energy meters in my apartment, but it doesn't really do anything except tell me digitally the temperatures I have and want. If they turn off my AC periodically I don't know, and I'm pretty sure I didn't get that $25 rebate. In fact, I had no choice about the installation. Weird. But I officially want a smart meter.

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