Sunday, April 20, 2008

Chevy mocks saving the environment

Chevy has started running two new ads which mock the the cause of saving energy while promoting their products. In one commercial there is a video of a dog licking a woman's feet, with the announcer saying if you want to save energy you could have your dog give you a bath, or you could drive a hybrid. In another it suggests a person could save energy by hanging their clothes on the antenna of their car while driving, or drive a chevy hybrid.
The point of these two ads is to trivialize the important goal of saving energy by giving such ludicrous solutions to the problem, and then giving the reasonably saner version of that action, driving a hybrid. Though I support hybrid cars( full disclosure, I drive a gas guzzling SUV) these ads directly mock saving energy as a crazy thing to do. They attempt to marginalize those that do espouse these beliefs and are a travesty.

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Albert Swantner said...

Those ads are not funny but this post is. This post is the joke right? Do you seriously think that the point of these ads is to "trivialize the important goal of saving energy..." Come on. It is CLEARLY a joke by Chevy saying that you could either have a dog give you a bath and save water or drive a hybrid instead. Which one would you choose? A hybrid. If you actually believe what you posted then you need to get a sense of humor. The ad may not be funny, but it is not at all mocking saving the environment. Seriously come on...