Friday, April 18, 2008


We have a little over three days until Earth Day 2008 and I wanted to share a few things with y'all...

First off, the campus-wide email (that I am sure you deleted) talks about what our very own UT Campus Environment Center is doing for this very special day. Events include:
- free gifts when you bring recyclables
- free gift certificates with more recyclables
- enter a raffle for great prizes just by (you guessed it) bringing recyclables
I'm not sure if I'll any recyclables left on Tuesday, April 22 because mine get picked up on Mondays, but you can bet i'll be there between 11 AM and 3 PM to enjoy the free cake and Sweet Leaf tea!

The email goes on to offer some info I couldn't say any better:
"Craving even more Earth Day fun? Make sure to join the UT
Sustainability Network at the East Mall on Speedway where 30 organizations
will be showcasing their environmentally friendly products and services.
Visitors will learn how these groups are bettering our community and will
even get the chance to touch and feel a hybrid bus! Or join the Net Impact
Undergraduate Chapter on the Business School Patio for a Green Business
Fair! For more information about Earth Day festivities, go to"

I think the Webber Group motto "changing the way the world thinks about energy" is awesome. Education is definitely the beginning of change and this event is not only educational - IT WILL BE FUN! So, you may have thought you deleted that email and got away with it. Now you know - so you should go to EARTH DAY 2008!

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