Sunday, April 6, 2008

Green Entrepreneur supported by the 2nd richiest man in the World

I came across with this article wich helps me to accurate my goal of where I want to be in the next couple of years. This article is about an entrepreneur who started in 1988 his own business instaling solar panels.

Like any other venture, at the begining was very tough but nowadays is supported by the second richiest man in the World, Carlos Slim, who used to be the richiest and now is supassed by Buffett acording to Forbes. The entreprenuer man asnd his company is going to help to reduce the electricity consumption of every building of Slim's empire. This is clearly where business will be focus the next decade.

Companies will still reducing cost without matter anything. Hotel chains are installing solar panels, Houses and Buildings are becoming green, etc. And this situation is not only in Developed countries but also in those considered developing economies. These latter are who need the most this type of technology because of the accelerated contamination and poor eficiency of their current technology.

These kind of industries (renewable, biofuels) represent a a new options to generate jobs and economin growth. In Mexico, Oaxaca is the poorest state of the country whith the highest level of unemployment, but nowadays thanks to Iberdrola, spanish company, will be possible to generate jobs in this region. The company is going to investo 100MMD to use the wind of these region to provide 100MW to comercial zones.(Article).

Entrepreneurs have a long way to go, undoubtely an exciting one.

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