Sunday, April 13, 2008

The "Green" Issue

University of Texas is going green. Burnt Orange magazine featured a green issue for spring 2008 and looked into the complicated issues our environment is facing today. In this magazine, there was an article attributes on how students and faculty on UT campus work together to promote green practices.
The article listed numerous organizations participated in practicing green campus. It mentioned McCombs School of Business is hosting one of the nation’s first undergraduate Net Impact chapters. Net Impact was founded in San Francisco, seeks to “educate members on sustainable business practices focusing on the three P’s: People, planet, and profit.” Engineering organizations such as Engineers for a sustainable world focus on experiencing hands-on green practices that can make a difference and enhance the university’s sustainability. Also, student from a variety of majors such as architecture, engineering, and interior design participated in the national Solar Decathlon in October, 2007 where they competed against 19 other teams and were placed in the upper half of teams and earned the top score in the hot water category. Environmental Science Institute (ESI) allows faculty and graduate students research on the topic about environmental sciences and public education for different disciplines. Green Horns of University of Texas facilitates UT’s faculty and staff to learn about green initiatives. They distribute monthly newsletter to educate people about practicing green. Lastly, Campus Environmental center on campus gives students the opportunity to get involved in saving the planet at a variety of levels.
The magazine also features an article on the constructions taking place at UT and why we should be more environmental friendly.

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