Thursday, April 10, 2008

Reforming Mexico's energy monopoly

Mexico's president, Felipe Calderon, was elected into office 16 months ago in December of 2006, and since has done nothing about the energy issues in his country until now.
In Mexico, all the oil is supplied from Pemex and it has been the only gasoline supplier for many years now. Pemex is owned by the states and regulates everything about what happens with oil, from refining to distribution. After recent events, like Mexico's oil reserves starting to decline the amount that is usable and gas prices skyrocketing, Felipe Calderon had to do something. The amount of oil production has been dropping by about 10 percent over the last three years which shows that Mexico has reached peak oil with it's reserves and has been importing about 40% of its oil.
With this new reform the president has restricted Pemex's budget and made it more regulated. The reform would also "allow Pemex to hire private contractors for the distribution and storage of refined products. And it would enable private contracting of refining; although Mexico is the sixth-largest crude-oil producer in the world".
This reform seems to have a lot of opposition by some of the current presidents enemies and will be difficult to instill. Whether it will help Mexico with it's current energy crisis will be determined in the future and it looks hard to tell just from these reforms.

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