Sunday, April 13, 2008

Shell Ecomarathon Breaking Records

In a competition full of almost exclusively college students, a group of Mater Dei High School students took away first place in the Shell Ecomarathon competition. The annual contest has several subdivisions of competition including diesel, LPG, fuel cell, and solar technology, but by and large the most coveted category is combustion engines in which the Santa Ana, CA based high schoolers took first this year. 25 entrants competed in the combustion category this year, and the only 2 not from a university or technical college were both from Mater Dei.

The vehicle shown in the right of this picture was the winning vehicle, with a fuel economy of an astounding 2843 mpg. Of course this model wouldn't scale proportionately for a passenger-sized automobile, but anyone who has worked with small hobby engines can appreciate how jaw dropping that is.

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