Sunday, April 6, 2008

Smart Car

This morning I saw a Smart car on 35th.  This is the second Smart car I have seen recently.  So naturally I googled it.  I was not sure what was different about a Smart car from a "regular" car.  Turns out it's basically size.  I went to SmartUSA and looked at some of the specs.  Of course the bottom line right now is gas mileage.  Here is what is listed on their website: 

"Fuel consumption:
City/highway (mpg)  40/45 (EPA 2007); 33/41 (EPA 2008)"

That's really not that great!  I was quite surprised.   

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Rusi Patel said...

Part of the "smartness" of Smart Car's appeal is also that it is compact and great for crowded cities (i.e. not Austin or any city but New York, NY). It gets good fuel economy, but it's size is ideal for crowded pedestrian travelled streets of europe.