Friday, April 11, 2008

SW Airlines Fuel Spike

I've already posted once this week but this was a worthy of posting again.  According to SW Airlines executives they anticipate fuel costs in 2008 will eat up nearly all (if not all) of the profits seen in 2007.  Here is an excerpt from the Dallas Morning News article:
Southwest Airlines Co. warned investors Thursday that it expects its jet fuel bill to soar more than $500 million in 2008.

The Dallas-based carrier spent $2.54 billion on jet fuel in 2007, indicating that its fuel bill will top $3 billion this year.

"The company will attempt to overcome the impact of higher anticipated 2008 fuel prices and other cost pressures through improved revenues and continued focus on nonfuel costs," Southwest said in a proxy statement.

The entire airline industry has been struggling with skyrocketing fuel prices.
And we thought American Airlines and Frontier was the worst of it...

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