Saturday, April 5, 2008

Texans vs. Big Coal, Texas wins??

This article in the New York Times, "Texans Beat Big Coal, and a Film Shows How", talks about the screening of a film about the odd coalition of people that banded together to oppose TXU's coal plant plan. Though the citizens were able to stop the construction of all of the coal plants planned by TXU, the article admits that there are still questions as to how Texas will meet its future electricity demands now that the planned coal plants will not be built. The movie screening is meant, in part, to promote gasified coal combustion technology as a cleaner and more efficient technology to satisfy Texas' electricity demands.

I think this article and the movie bring up a good point. How can we provide for future increasing energy demand without compromising the environment around us? I think this article illustrates the two terms Dr. Webber talked about in our first class, NIMBYism and BANANAism. I think we all deserve a pretty view from our homes and a clean environment, yet to achieve this we must also compromise by decreasing our consumption as well as fighting for the state to reconsider its energy decisions. Though I have not watched this film, I hope it highlights the need for these two compromises which are so essential to our future energy decisions as well as to maintaining a healthy environment.

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