Saturday, April 12, 2008

Cali leading the way

Its interesting how graduates from California have chosen enlightened paths of conservation as compared to the rest of the country, Dr. Webber started his own research group at the University and is making a name for himself researching alternate energy sources, Steve Glenn started his own company which focuses on providing environmentally friendly homes and Bill Gross ( creator of Idealab - the same place Steve worked before starting livinghomes) who has now dedicated his time and money to the development and commercialization of solar energy in the States. He sports a state of the art Sunflower CST solar energy generator on his rooftop. This article from the WIRED website talks about how he was attending high school during the Arab- oil embargo if the 1970's and how he imagined math ans science being the keys to solving the mysteries of solar energy. 30 years later, he can now see his vision coming true with the final trials to be conducted on the Sunflower system at Arizona State University. Like we had discussed in class, America needs to take the initiative in furthering renewable technologies as this would set the precedent for the rest of the world. Even if the government does not actively push for reforms, with individuals like Bill, Steve and Michael we can be rest assured that the future looks bright.

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