Saturday, April 12, 2008

Human Footprint

Tonight at 8pm, the National Geographic happens to be showing a special on the Human Footprint. It's pretty neat how Dr. Webber talked about it in class this last week and now they are dedicating a special on the Human Footprint.

There is a Q/A from Elizabeth Vargas who worked on the project. She talks about what a big difference turning off the lights or changing the thermostat can make. Then, she mentions how working on this project made her change her habits. I believe that when people see how they are impacting the environment themselves and affecting others, they will be more compelled to change their own habits.

I really hope that this episode changes the way people consume products. I know that after Dr. Webber's lecture on Tuesday, I started noticing the amount of packaged foods I personally eat. It is kind of creepy.

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