Thursday, April 3, 2008

DOE goes public

New policy of the Department of Energy reaffirms their efforts to transfer scientific research and innovation from their labs to the marketplace. The program began in June of 2007 when US Secretary of Energy, Samuel Bodman, appointed Dr. Raymond Orbach as the Departments Technology Transfer Coordinator and Chair of the Technology Transfer Policy Board. The efforts of the board are to ensure that there is policy in place that provides guiding principles, ensures that new technologies are deployed, and that continuity and uniformity of technology transfer is maintained. The program is supposed to encourage the private sector to continue developing innovative technology. These efforts are partially due to the Energy Policy Act. The program focuses on technology primarily associated with energy security, scientific discovery, economic competitiveness, and quality of life. The Department of Energy defines technology transfer as
"...the process by which knowledge, intellectual property or capabilities are transferred to any other entity, including private industry, academia, state and local governments, or other government entities to meet public and private needs."

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