Monday, April 7, 2008

Dr Seuss and the Lorax

Working in a big corporation one often has to wait on other for information and resources. In one occasion during my co-op, I was wondering around the office and saw a nice cute picture of Dr Seuss on the wall of my coworkers’ office. I asked about it and she said since we work in environmental department I have this picture on my wall. Making the story short I read Dr Seuss Lorax book and though to myself what a metaphor. The story is about greedy Once-ler who came to this green dreamy jungle and started chopping Truffula trees to make mass Thneeds. Once.ler ignored Lorax (the environmentalist creature) warnings and kept making Thneeds. This process produced pollution and damaged the ecosystem and the environment. In my mind this story was a metaphor our industrial activities and how our way of lives had destroyed and is destroying our planet. May be soon like Once-ler we would be left with no trees and no resources and we will be left living in a polluted dangerous environment. May be for once it is good to be a kid read the book and take away a lesson!!!!

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