Friday, April 11, 2008

Gas Going Bad

I read this article on CNN's website about gas going bad over time.  Here are CNN's highlights of the article:
  • If old gas is consumed, topped off with fresh fuel, problems should be solved
  • Reduce water contamination by keeping your car's gas tank close to full
  • If not using car for a year drain the tank and refill with fresh fuel
  • The less volatile the fuel, the less effectively it burns in your engine
At first glance, I wondered if we were to actually achieve gas conservation by curbing consumption or increasing efficiency (pie in the sky thinking, I know) would we find ourselves with gas going bad and in turn disposed of rather than consumed and used?  I know, personally, after every winter turning the lawn mower back on seems to take four or five times as much effort and time as it does the next time its used.  I've always blamed it on the gas going bad, an while that may be true, according to this article it is easily mitigated by adding a bit of fresh gas or using fuel system stabilizers.

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