Friday, April 11, 2008

You look good in green!

NY Times featured an article about clothing companies that make the carbon footprint of their clothing available to the public. I went clothes shopping for the first time in a few months this past weekend, and I think having information on the travel, resources and carbon emissions would have been very interesting to have for making clothing decisions. The article notes that clothing could have a similar rating system to energy star appliances. I think it would be a great incentive for consumers to buy greener clothes, and manufactures to create more environmentally friendly clothes. One Patagonia item of clothing was estimated by the manufactures to produce 15 lbs of CO2. To me that seems like a lot, especially considering Patagonia is a fairly environmentally conscious company. I wonder what the emissions of the companies that aren't very environmentally friendly would be.

Marie Claire has featured articles about living and sporting eco-chic clothes and lifestyle for earth day. A lot of the clothing is a bit out of my price range, but seeing all of the green fashion trends makes me hopefully that the green trends will trickle down to clothing that is more in my price range. I think knowing the life cycle and carbon footprint of clothing is important. We spend our lives in clothes, so they should reflect our lifestyle choices.

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