Sunday, April 6, 2008

Wal-Mart:Rolling Back Energy Usage

I have been seeing the Wal-Mart commercials about using a Brita or Pur water filter and a nalgene bottle to reduce the amount of plastic water bottles ending up in landfills each year. I really like those commercials, and I feel they are getting across an important message.
The article I have linked to this post isn't about the commercials though. Its an AP article from March about Wal-Mart's new superstore they are opening up in Las Vegas. They have had previous pilot stores that reduced their energy usage by about 25%. But this new Vegas store utilizes advanced cooling technology to reduce the energy usage to 35 or 45% compared to regular stores. Another thing they have been implementing in all of the new pilot stores are low wattage LED lights in the freezer cases that have sensors to turn them off when no customers are around.
I am glad to see Wal-Mart making strides to reduce their energy usage. According to the article, they refer to themselves as the largest private energy user in the world. With how green concious consumers are becoming lately, hopefully this will increase their appeal and their profits and other retailers will take notice and follow suit by reducing their energy useage as well.

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