Sunday, February 17, 2008

Barter oil for food.

Like in the ancient days, bartering is again the trading way for commodities. At least it seems between Venezuela and Argentina when they ratified agreements of cooperation on which the Caribbean country will sent fuel oil in exchange for agro-industrial products such as meat meat, flour, oil and milk, among other products.

With this, the latent ideas that Latin America is becoming more and more solid as a bloc independent of USA are increasing. The relationships in this region bring, on one hand, positives aspects that allow development of the countries and a better quality of life for residents. And on the other hand, a complete autonomy and economic strength that makes possible that Developing economies can cope countries like China and India.

Brazil, Chile and Venezuela are the main leaders now, these are the tree best economies and all are left-side. What does that mean? The unification has already begun, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Ecuador, and almost everybody are in supporting this change.

However, for United States this situation represents a threat because wit this losses the control over the region causing an economic instability. Now it is when world needs more dialogue, more cooperation among Developing and Developed Countries. It is not enough have the EPACT or local laws, the problem is global, we are interconnected.

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