Sunday, February 17, 2008

Google's profit seeking altruism

Perhaps equally motivated by profits as altruism, Google is investing millions in clean, renewable energy research and initiatives. Some of its ambitious goals are summarized in the following bullets:
• Find a way to make renewable sources of energy cheaper than coal.
• Make electric cars mainstream.
• Fund research for predicting droughts and other climate-change disasters.

Google is backing its plans with a significant amount of funding. The company has pledged $10million for electric car research and will pledge tens of millions over the next few years to research aimed at making renewable energy cheaper than coal. Google's support for energy issues benefit the world, however it is important to note their motivation is very much driven by profits. As a major user of energy, Google is highly driven to find new, cheaper ways to feed its massive data centers. As a responsible corporate citizen Google also hopes to benefit in recruiting of talented individuals that desire to apart of a company that appears to be progressive. While Google's goals may be in the name of self interest, their motivation does not undermine the benefits of their initiatives. The original article can be view here.

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