Sunday, February 24, 2008

Howard Hughes and Texas

To be honest I wasn't super pumped about having to go the museum. Between finding the time to get over there during the day and the cost of admission I had a pretty negative mindset about this experience.

Someone in a previous blog mentioned the drill bit exhibit in the museum and the connection to Howard Hughes. It is interesting that a relatively simple product was so innovative to the drilling process for rotary oil drilling rigs and generated so much wealth for the Hughes family. I think most people don't realize that the Hughes Tool Company in Houston, Texas is the vehicle that provided the wealth for Howard Hughes, Jr and allowed him to pursue his fascination with Hollywood and aeronautics. So in a sense, Texas energy and oil provided the capital that produced motion pictures and generated the Hughes Aircraft Company which became one of he largest American defense contractors.

Hughes Tool was eventually sold and merged with Baker Int'l to become Baker Hughes, Inc. I actually worked 5 years for Baker Oil Tools, a division within Baker Hughes. The manufacturing plant I worked was the site of one of the original Hughes Tool Company facilities in east Houston.

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