Sunday, February 24, 2008

Texas Oil!

I was able to successfully sneak myself and my 9 year old neice into the Texas History Museum. Not necessarily ethical, but after previous reviews of the exhibit I didn't feel like spending the $12. After making my way to the third floor I was trying to find something to write about rather than taking in the scenery. Not being a native Texan, I actually learned quite a bit about Texas history and the role oil played in the mid 20th century. I did not know that all of my trust fund friends live off money that was fairly recently aquired. I did not know that oil was the catalyst for Texans moving from rural to urban areas, or the reason for Texans transition from agriculture to manufacturing. My neice was more impressed with the clothing from Neiman-Marcus than the drill bits or the life-size "Give me water, not oil" farmer raking oil in his crop. We did however analyze the material the "oil" was made of. Final remarks: the sample of actual moon rock next to the mock-astronaut was the highlight of the third floor exhibits.

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