Monday, February 25, 2008

OIL! Texas Museum Visit

I was really quite excited about my visit to the museum. I had wanted to go for quite a while and now I had a great excuse to go. While I was there, I noticed that behind the many exhibits touting the accomplishments of Texans there was a great sense that oil in Texas has made it a national and international leader over the past century like no other state in the Union.

I think what has made this possible is the entrepreneurial nature of Texas. Texas has quite a history of risk and adventure. It is a wild land with a dicotomous appeal. On the one hand it is rich in mineral resources, but on the other hand it is completely without natural water resources. It is a desert of riches if you will.

Because of the this reality, Texans have long had a keen since that risks were not simply worth taking, but that they were a necessary part of daily life. I felt that in the exhibit and also felt a great sense of pride to at all be a part of that as a student here that is himself focused on energy. I think that everyone should be proud of this great exhibit (as notorious as the word oil is becoming) . It's a part of what make our time here GREAT.

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