Sunday, February 17, 2008

Question for Presidential Debates

I'm sure that most of you are now aware of the Democratic Presidential Debate on campus this week (Feb 21st, 7 - 8.30 pm , RSC). As the event is closed to the public, and only a very small number of students will be allowed to attend, I am hoping that some of the LBJ students in our class are selected.

If you are selected and are offered the opportunity to ask a question, please ask one relating to Clinton's & Obama's policy strategy for energy independence and climate change.

It will be interesting to hear their latest thoughts on the issue and how they debate about the issues at this very contentious time in the race to the nomination. Moreover, as the world's eyes are on UT, a question relating to energy or climate change policy will let those spectators know that these academic issues are a priority in the minds of UT's students.

And if you don't get selected to attend, let's have a debate watching party and discuss the debates all the same.

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