Sunday, February 24, 2008

Is Texas better off with oil?

After visiting the oil exhibit at the Bob Bullock museum, my first response was disgust at how the excessive oil exploration in our state had also damaged our state's ecosystem. The pictures of a panorama covered with innumerable oil derricks was so ugly to me. I could only imagine the amount of oil runoff and other contaminants that flowed from oil exploration sites in this pre-EPA
period. Though oil brought many benefits to Texas in the form of economic growth, I don't think it benefited the environment in the least. Even today, the landscape of our state is dotted by rusting oil wells and abandoned boom towns.

After leaving the Oil exhibit, I promised myself I wouldn't write an angry environmentalist post to the blog. Yet throughout the exhibit, all I could think of was how ugly those derricks looked and the destructive nature of oil exploration in our state.

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L Passaniti said...

I grew up loving the outdoors and hate polution, litter, etc. but I wonder what people would have done with out oil. How would our country (our world) have developed industry which lead to the discovery of medications, etc? I think of everything we've gotten from oil (and get) like the numerous plastics (found in more than plastic bags!) and the chemicals which are used in the development of medications.

I think I'm glad we found oil because I believe it would have been many, many years from now before we would have been able to combat diseases the way we have with out it. Though it does very much make me wonder what other discoveries would have been made had history taken another route...

I only hope we appreciate what we have -- and then move on to newer/better technologies now that we have the chance.