Sunday, February 17, 2008

A new sort of hydrogen technology

While doing a co-op at ExxonMobil Chemical I got introduced to the idea of a new sort of hydrogen technology. This technology is being experimented on lift trucks right now and it is a on vehicle hydrogen production system. ExxonMobil along with other partners had developed this technology to be implemented for cars and trucks but being tested for lift trucks right now. The on vehicle hydrogen technology system uses an advanced reformers and a hydrogen separation technology. This technology has advantages because it converts liquid hydrocarbon inside the vehicle to hydrogen. As a result it reduces the amount of carbon dioxide emissions. It also increases fuel efficiency of the vehicle. This technology also requires no storage which gives a great advantage to other hydrogen technologies. Finally this technology requires no delivery infrastructures which is a great advantage to other hydrogen technology options. Lastly this technology has a quick start up time. For more information visit

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