Monday, February 25, 2008


"A Pollution Scorecard" by the NY Times....

Looks like the SMART FORTWO (think DaVinci code, running through the streets of Paris) is competing for the title of "greenest" car in the US. Fighting for the highest rank with Toyota and Honda (Nissan managed to get the #6 slot), the SMART runs a very respectable race at #4. This little car is a 2-seater, with just enough room behind the seats to put a bag of groceries and (if you aren't an engineering student with 50 lbs of books in your bag) your backpack. You can park it nose-first into the curb, since it is as long as the texas-typical truck is wide. It gets just under 50 mpg, meets all US safety standards, and runs around on its 1-liter 3-cylinder engine like gasoline is going out of style (oh wait... it is!).

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