Saturday, February 16, 2008

EcoMoms tackle it all....

Being green by minimizing your environmental footprint begins at home.

The NY Times published an article today about 'EcoMoms' groups all over the US. These groups are formed by mothers around the country who want to work toward making their lives more "green". They tackle everything from biodegradable detergent to out-gassing wall-to-wall carpets to zero-waste lunches for their children. EcoMoms turn down their thermostats to minimize energy use, and only do laundry during off-peak times.

The article made an interesting statement regarding the group.... "ecomotherhood is not always sisterly." This statement referred to the fact that many EcoMoms struggle with how far they must go in their homes to reduce their environmental footprint. Being ecofriendly has become a competition among many homes.....

Is competition when it comes to being green a bad thing?

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Amanda Cuellar said...

I also found this article in the NY Times, and I was just about to post it when I saw your post!!

What I found interesting about the article is how the green movement is moving from hippies and tree huggers to soccer moms. I am glad to see a growing consciousness among the general public about our impact on the environment and the need to lessen it. The article stated that these mothers' concern was about the disintegrating environment they would eventually turn over to their children. It makes perfect sense for a mother to be concerned about the environment, and I am glad to see that they are doing something about it.

I also found it amusing that concern about the environment has spawned something called "ecoanxiety" and that in response "ecotherapists" have emerged to help. There's a business opportunity in every tragedy it seems like.