Sunday, February 17, 2008

No End to War Games


The link is to an article that discusses the US military connection with the looming problem of peak oil. There are a few interesting quotes that would be worth a reader's while. Here is one by a certain Peter Seale:

"It would seem that men like Vice President Dick Cheney, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, and Bush himself - advocates of using military power to shape the world to America's advantage - were persuaded that Iraq presented a tremendous prize. Its oil reserves were equal to those of Saudi Arabia; its reconstruction was estimated to be worth tens of billions of dollars to American firms; while its strategic position made it an ideal place from which to project U.S. military power to the oil-rich Gulf and to a vast region beyond. Seizing Iraq and turning it into a client state was a tempting goal."

Although I still have trouble finding many articles on the subject of the US military presence, Iraq, and Peak Oil there are a couple articles out there worth reading. Here is one.
Apparently, Cheney, knew back in 1999 that the US would face dramatic oil shortages by 2010. Cheney should know these things, having his finger so close to the oil market pulse. Also, he ws one of the great motivators for the Iraq invasion.

Below is a distribution of troops abroad.

Active conflicts:

•Iraq 157,000

•Afghanistan 29,000

Stationed on bases*:

•Germany 57,080

•Japan 32,803

•South Korea 27,014

•Kuwait 10,000

•Italy 9,855

•United Kingdom 9,825

•Djibouti 2,100

•Turkey 1,594

•Bahrain 1,495

•Senegal 1,361

•Belgium 1,328

•Spain 1,286

•Cuba (Guantánamo) 932

*As of Sept. 2007
Source: Defense Department

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