Sunday, February 17, 2008

Nash's Trash Talk

During the second half of the NBA All Star game tonight, Phoenix Suns' star guard Steve Nash was brought on camera to talk about his eco-friendly new shoes. The Nike Trash Talk, sported by Nash during the game, is a new line of performance basketball sneakers made completely from old recycled shoes and scrap foam and synthetic leather from the factory that would be discarded as waste otherwise. Though Nike has been reusing old shoes since 1993, this is the first high profile athletics shoe made by the company with a completely green outlook. Nash, an outspoken environmental activist, spearheaded this project trying to offer an environmentally clean footwear option without having to sacrifice performance or asthetics. The Trash Talks are modeled after the Nike Zoom BB Lows that Nash wore previously. I think that this could be an effective campaign by Nash and Nike; reusing shoe components is a very easy and effective way to help eliminate waste, and having an athlete role model such as Steve Nash promoting the product opens the ears of a lot of younger people who otherwise would have no interest in such matters.

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