Thursday, February 21, 2008


I must admit that I enjoyed the Bullock Museum’s oil exhibit. First, I watched the movie about how oil discovery in Texas forever changed the state. Then, I read about how oil made it possible for new luxuries to be purchased by Texans, such as ready made clothing. Finally, I observed the old drill bits, Christmas tree (used to regulate the oil flowing from the well), and the different surveying equipment used. The small energy exhibit’s main point was that oil forever changed Texas with a shift from agriculture to manufacturing and rural to urban lifestyles. Oil now dictated where people settled instead of water resources. The creative details of the exhibit kept my attention, from the oil cans that were used as seats in the theatre to the oil rig that one had to walk under to get to the drill bits. The multimedia presentations, attention to lighting, and creative displays make the Bullock Museum a worth while visit. However, I would have enjoyed a larger variety of energy displays: wind, solar, and nuclear. For example, I only saw one small sign about windmills on the second floor.

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