Saturday, February 23, 2008

Bob Bullock Museum--Oil Exhibit

I felt like the museum had a moderate amount of details discussing the history of Oil in Texas. I personally liked the museum as a whole and learned some interesting tidbits about Texas History. Some information that I found interesting in the Oil Exhibit was:

- Jan 10, 1901 Spindletop erupted
- Geophysicists Everette DeGolyer and J. Clerence "Doc" Karcher figured out ways to find oil in the ground, and invented the refection seismograph which is used to find oil today.
- When drilling was first attempted they would use "Fishtail" Rotary Drill Bits and the Texas "Poor Boy" Fishtail Bit, and were used in the early 1900s.
- Eventually Howard R. Hughes Sr. created the new bits that have rotating, rock crushing bits and received a patent for this idea.

Another part of the exhibit that I liked was the movie titled, Oil Changed Texas. A quick synopsis was:

- Many of the early Texans were ranchers and farmers and only 10% of the inhabitants lived in the cities
- When oil was first found in Spindletop it took over the economy, and Texans reinvented the oil drilling industry. They developed new methods to drill, refine, and store oil.
- In 1935, Texas produced more oil than most countries
- This industry transformed the state, and made the state more urbanized. This also created suburban society because people were able to drive to work from their homes.

There was a good, not great, amount of information if you wanted to read all the little details.

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