Thursday, February 28, 2008

Eskimo village in Alaska sues for $400 million.

In an article in cnn a small village comprising roughly 400 prople close to Anchorage has sued 14 oil companies and a coal company for reportedly being the major cause for the global warming in the area. Their operations have caused such a drastic change in the weather pattern that the ice now forms later and melts earlier. The main livelihood for the villagers is fishing and the hunting of whale, shark,caribou etc. which has been greatly affected due to the irrepairable damage that has been inflicted on the ecosystem.

This reinforces the severity of global warming as we had stressed in class. We are living in a part of the world where the effects have not been felt yet and hence more extensive measures have not been implemented. I hope that the government now wakes up to the concerns of thousands of specialists who have been preeching the horrfying effects of climate change. Who knows, maybe 40 years down the line the places like Galveston and Freeport and New Orleans would be inundated in water. I just pray that it doesnt get down to that. We need to act now. Quoting Barack Obama -- this is the "time for Change"!


jason h said...

Bravo. I commend these citizens for seeking fair compensation for damage done to their property. They will have an abundance of scientific evidence to present to the court if it ever goes to trial. Sadly, the powers that be will probably side with oil and coal companies over US citizens and property rights. Hey, powers that be, please prove me wrong.

JR Ewing said...

Why exactly are these oil companies responsible for global warming? Most people agree that there is a positive correlation between carbon emissions and rising temperatures. There is no doubt at all that burning fossil fuels releases carbon into the air.

The oil and refined products that come from these companies go to consumers, who are the ones that burn them in their cars in the form of gasoline and diesel.

Perhaps the Indians should sue everyone in the world that drives a car? That would make about as much sense as suing oil companies.

The blog entry doesn't name which companies are listed in the law suit, but does say 14 are listed. What about the companies that are not listed? According to the indians rational, they are just as responsible. Good look sueing the NOC of another country in American courts.

To sue an oil company because hunting and fishing harvests have fallen is preposterous. Next time I go dove hunting and don't bag my limit, maybe I'll call my lawyer too.