Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bush 1=Bad; Clinton=Bad; Bush 2= Bad....Hot Politics

Hot Politics was a pretty interesting documentary. It provided what I believed was an un-bias opinion on United States politics associated with climate change. The interviews of key behind the scenes players such as, Christine Todd Whitman, gave the documentary credibility and clout. The chosen interviews could have only been improved if Bush, Clinton, or Gore had done them themselves. A drastic increase in the amount of actual facts given during the program would have made the program a little better without losing its entertainment value. Throughout the piece, I learned absolutely nothing about climate change, but I was impressed by how much I didn't know about the politics. All in all i found the documentary to be one of the most interesting I've seen.

*Things that made me laugh*

Rick Perry - He always makes me laugh

The Kyoto With or Without Bush Signs With his picture on them

Bush was basically saying "...more important things than the rest of the world..."

MacCracken - It's just a funny name

The rancher from Texas saying "...The earth has had cycles since God made it..." and then saying that the cycles now aren't natural

Cowboys against Coal - I thought it was cute

Clinton and Gore declining to be interviewed

Bush stuttering over the words Carbon Dioxide during his speech

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