Wednesday, February 13, 2008

An Energy Eye on Russia: Week 4/Who cares about international relations when we have pirates?

So Russia and the U.S. are making Uranium deals and Russia is pledging to provide consistent energy supplies. Big Deal. There are PIRATES in Somalia! They stole a TUGBOAT!

The tugboat is part of a Gazprom led consortium including Shell and Mitsubishi that is building the Sakhalin oil and gas projects (1-4.) This tugboat is apparently part of Sakhalin II oil and gas project. What I have gleaned.. this means a large LNG Plant (that can supply 8% of the world's Natural Gas) and an Oil Export terminal. The problem is that the construction of these projects and their pipelines in the ocean habitat threatens to cause extinction of endangered gray whales and fishing areas. The World Wildlife Fund finds the project in breach of environmental regulations. So the environmental groups are in an uproar... which means..

Even Better.

Environmental Pirates Steal Tugboat!!

Well no, it's the "Ocean Salvation Corps - a group of 'Somali nationalists who took it upon themselves to protect the country's shores.'" Much less exciting. But apparently they take care of the crew and just want to stop destruction of habitats. YaY Vigilantes!

Let's hear some demands next time.

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