Sunday, February 10, 2008

The impetus we needed.

"An inconvenient truth" was a bit of a rude awakening for me.
It started playing on my conscience that I was going to contribute to the problem in some way being a petroleum engineer myself. So during my internship last summer, I started asking the concerned individuals what they thought about all the bad blood they were getting. They believed that all the attention had helped get more stringent policies on environmental issues. They could now benefit economically as the overheads for refining the effluent gas would be reduced and they could inject it back into the ground to produce more oil, gaining carbon credits for their efforts. This move would improve the economy and also moderate enhance our living conditions by providing cleaned air at the same time.
The documentary was an eye opener for most policy makers, but I think the biggest impact was on normal citizens like us. We carry on our daily routines not realizing that impact that we are having on the environment. By making minute changes in our lifestyles and by educating individuals we can make a difference not only to our generation but also the ones to follow.

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