Friday, February 1, 2008

Learning the Hula

This week delegates from 16 nations, the European Union, and the United Nations met in Hawaii to discuss what should be included in plans in the fight against climate change. What did they decide you ask? Nothing. No targets were set. The US got booed and harassed into saying they would join other countries in combating climate change (that looks real good for America....). They all agreed something needed to be done. And, everyone got a free mai thai by the poolside bar. But hey, who doesn't like a free trip to Hawaii?

It's great that the world is agreeing we all need to work together in order to address climate change issues, but having meetings to schedule more meetings just isn't productive. I'm sure there were plenty good ideas about energy efficiency and ways to help developing nations exchanged at the conference, but let's see some action taken.

The White House environmental chief, Jim Connaughton, was reported as saying, "We like to prepare, plan, and announce." That's great Jimmy, but I'd appreciate it a lot more if you were able to add onto that statement the words "then act". There are a lot of really great, clever, and innovative ideas out there for combating climate change, but when will we get to see them put into action instead of just being talked about?

I wonder if we would see more action taken if all the delegates had to hang out in Gary, Indiana (sorry if this is your home town...) until some resolutions were made.

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