Sunday, February 10, 2008

Maybe it was the Snow in Baghdad that did it...

While watching “Hot Politics” and the inability of our nation’s government to reach an agreement on how to address climate change, I couldn’t help but smile. No, there’s no joy in watching the mess that the last few administrations made – it’s just that I kept remembering that only three weeks ago Iraq’s government adopted the Kyoto Protocol.

True, it may be symbolic for now, as the exact details on how much carbon Iraq can emit has yet to be worked out, and its economy/industry isn't completely up and running again, but it is pretty terrific that the Iraqi presidential council ratified it.

Pretty embarrassing for the US, though, isn’t it?

(…and I just can’t wait for the headline that’ll really knock the current administration off its feet- “Iraq Limits Oil Production- Goes Green.”)

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